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The ROSA-ALSCHER Group has been shaping the Munich cityscape with its projects for over three decades. Distinctive architecture and the highest standards of construction are paramount for Alexander Rosa-Alscher.

In addition to the traditional architect and general contracting services, the ROSA-ALSCHER Group offers a range of services covering all aspects of property development and the supervision of construction projects. This gives rise to real estate projects, investment value and urban developments that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional as well as responsible and economically sound.

The group includes the ROSA-ALSCHER Architects and ROSA-ALSCHER Planning GmbH. They are responsible for providing architectural and general contracting services. A number of special purpose companies ensure the smooth execution of the individual property development projects.

The ROSA-ALSCHER Group can boast a number of prominent reference projects, including the project development of the new Munich-Riem trade exhibition centre, the Arnulfpark, the Ackermannbogen and the Parkstadt Schwabing. One of our most recent projects is the extension building at the University of Munich in Dachauer Straße.

DeLaRocca Corporation is headquartered in Miami and a project developer specialized in offices and hotels. We are a 360-degree solution that manages all aspects of projects including: acquisition, planning & design, financing, construction and marketing. Our vision ist o combine world-renowned German quality in engineering & construction with state-of-the-art design and architecture. Energy efficiency, sustainability, elegance and comfort are our core focuses.


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