The ROSA-ALSCHER Group has been shaping the Munich cityscape with its projects for decades. Enduring architecture and the highest standards of construction are paramount for us. We have a number of principles that serve to guide us when implementing projects:

innovative and modern

We want our projects to break new ground and in the process, to create something new and innovative with our architectural designs. The modernity of our thinking is reflected in our use of novel forms, innovative materials and state-of-the-art construction techniques. Our buildings should set the course for the future.

urban and distinctive

The cities are in a state of continual change. A rise in the number of people moving into urban areas, smaller residential units and greater mobility are just some of the challenges being faced. And meeting these challenges requires visionary thinking and intelligent solutions from architects. For us, urban construction means devising development projects that solve the issues of tomorrow today. We want to shape the cityscape with our projects. But at the same time, our architectural works should harmoniously blend into the existing urban landscape.

experienced and competent

The ROSA-ALSCHER Group is characterised by two essential features that are fundamental to the success of a development project. Firstly, we have over 30 years’ experience working as architects and project developers, making us one of the most seasoned firms in the industry. Secondly, we work together with a competent team of specialists with many years of experience. We draw on this well of know-how to devise the most suitable architectural solutions for our clients and real estate projects.

quality-driven and professional

We at the ROSA-ALSCHER Group set the bar very high. We want to offer our clients the ultimate in professionalism in the execution of their projects. We support our property developers and projects on the road to creating the perfect building. And in so doing, top quality and building culture are the order of the day.

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