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District center Freiham Nord: Rosa-Alscher Group gets pillars for the arcades from the other side of the Alps

Munich, Datum Extraordinary projects sometimes require extraordinary measures. So construction elements for the buildings at Mahatma Gandhi Square in Freiham Nord were transported specially from South Tyrol in northern Italy to Munich’s west for realizing the plans of the architects Störmer Murphy and Partners in the center of the new urban quarter. The Munich Rosa-Alscher Group, who is in charge of two of the four construction sites in the future district center, holds the lead in this project.

Crossing the Brenner pass with a special transportation vehicle

For a start, it was two sample pillars, each approximately 10 meters tall and approximately 8 or 17 tons heavy, that were transported across the Alps. Mid-October, the heavy-goods transport made its way from Gais in South Tyrol to Munich, carrying two concrete pillars that are connected at the top by an elegant arch. The producer Betonform is well known for its expertise in producing specially shaped precast concrete elements of this size. For the two buildings of the Rosa-Alscher Group, a total of 59 of these pillars will be needed. They will form a skirting around the buildings and support the spectacular arcades around Mahatma Gandhi Square – the eye-catcher that will give the new entrée of Freiham Nord its characteristic appearance.

A strong visual element

The bright white pillars that skirt the two-story high and around five-meter-deep arcades do not only contribute to the design, but also have an important structural function: Half of the pillars are solid and bearing, the other 30 pillars are half cut and do not carry any weight. The pillars look like they are cast in one piece and are relatively complex to make: Two pillars form one element for which a special two-piece steel formwork is needed. The top of the pillars is made of concrete plates, the ceiling of the arcades consists of additional elements made out of glass fiber concrete.

A contribution to Munich’s future

Company manager Alexander Rosa-Alscher: “We are now entering the construction phase when we can all see how amazingly fast our architects’ stunning design takes shape. So the arrival of the first pillars is also a signal for Munich to watch the spectacular new development.” There will be 25,000 people living and 15,000 people working in Freiham Nord. The district center around Mahatma Gandhi Square will offer shops, offices, a hotel and around 500 apartments. With the impressive high-rise building and the arcades on three sides of the square, the Rosa-Alscher Group provides the center of the currently largest urban development project in Europe with a well-suited architectural appearance. In 2023, the symbolic urban square in Munich’s west will be handed over to the citizens.

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