Lease contract with Lidl

© Störmer, Murphy and Partners
© Störmer, Murphy and Partners

ROSA-ALSCHER Group: Lease contract with Lidl finalized for premises in the center of Freiham Nord

Munich, 13 April 2021 As the construction work in the district center of Freiham Nord gained momentum toward the end of the winter, also the long-term planning progressed. The Munich ROSA-ALSCHER Group that is in charge of two of the four central construction sites has now announced the conclusion of the first sizable lease contract. The new entrée to Munich’s west is continuing to take shape, hinting a first feel of the future urban life.

Conclusion of contract with symbolic value

Freiham Nord will have around 25,000 inhabitants. This figure itself makes the new development the largest urban project in Europe. The design for the modern residential quarter is by no means only created on the drawing board, but instead also results from various interactive resident workshops to ensure more future potential and viability. One of the findings was that - not surprisingly, but understandably - a criteria for quality of life is seen in modern every-day shopping facilities. This requirement was taken into consideration by the ROSA-ALSCHER Group when realizing the new district center and is reflected in the prize-winning design by the Hamburg architects Störmer Murphy and Partners as the spaces are not exclusively for representation, business and residential purposes.

A significant part of the building at Mahatma Ghandi Square is due to be assigned to retail businesses; and Lidl, a leading retailer chain, has now signed the first lease contract. Company manager Alexander Rosa-Alscher: “A total of 18,000 m2 of the floor area is due to be leased to grocery and retail stores, so this is a perfect start. We are delighted that one of the largest companies in this industry has taken a leading role.”

A start has been made

The new Lidl branch with around 1,250 m² retail space is planning to open in 2024 ensuring provision for the population of the new quarter. Currently, construction machinery is still excavating soil where the buildings of the new district center will stand, to prepare for the underground parking facilities. In parallel, negotiations with further large retail chains are taking place. Alexander Rosa-Alscher is convinced: “There is no doubt that the new district center will be an attractive location for retail businesses – the address alone is advertisement enough.”

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